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pipe plasma cutting machine
pipe plasma cutting machine pipe plasma cutting machinepipe plasma cutting machinepipe plasma cutting machinepipe plasma cutting machine

pipe plasma cutting machine


1.Suitable for round metal pipe diameter 40mm-320mm. 2.Suitable metal plate 1.0m*3.0, 1.5m*3.0m etc. 3.CNC plasma cutting and or CNC flame cutting.

pipe plasma cutting machine    pipe plasma cutting machine

*Overall compact miniature structure

*Operation is small, nimble
*Can be for metal plate and pipe cutting both.




CNC Control Axis


Cutting pipe length

3-12m customized

Chuck Size


Cutting pipe diameter

Φ40mm-Φ320mm(Or Customized)

Max loading weight


Pipe Ovality


Running precision


Torch up down distance


Flame cutting thickness

Piercing:5mm-50mm/ Rim:150mm

Plasma cutting thickness


Cutting Speed

Flame cutting way 700mm/min

Plasma cutting 0-6500mm/min


  1. The main body adopts the portable cross structure, host and pipe are arranged in parallel, the carriage is equipped with a mobile trolley device, a precision screw lifting device, a fixed clamping flame or a plasma cutting torch, the steel pipe clamp adopts the chuck type structure, the support uses the screw drive, movable, can lift and support round pipe.
  2. Cutting can be controlled by CNC control of the car movement and tube rotation, the end of the pipe and the hole for automatic cutting. 
  3. The Chuck drive adopts imported servo motor to ensure the running balance of the whole machine, long life, simple operation and high efficiency.
  4. This model is suitable for 50-325mm pipe diameter and does not require Groove function. 
  5. MeisarCNC MS Series portable CNC intersecting line cutting machine is a kind of steel pipe and non-ferrous metal pipe joint at the intersection of the line hole, intersection line end, elbow (shrimp Festival) automatic calculation and cutting equipment. 
  6. The equipment is widely used in construction, steel structure, chemical industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electricity and other industries of the pipeline structure of the cutting process. This kind of processing in the past mostly using manual production model, scribing, manual lofting, manual cutting, artificial grinding and other backward and complicated operation process.

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